EZY as 1-2-3 SERIES!

Do you find yourself unable to process long and complicated reading materials, even if they are super important to you? I really don’t blame you. In this day of action-packed, colorful and highly entertaining streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the YouTube videos, reading really does not and cannot compete!

Coming to grips with the fact that bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, business structures, estate planning, and financial coaching are rated 10 among the most boring topics for reading materials, we at UNI Accounting Services have decided to create a series of short and sweet articles aimed at simplifying some of the most technical and boring materials you should know about managing your business, industry and even your personal finances.

Since our aim is to KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid!), our interpretation might be too simplistic for those with long and complicated issues regarding a particular topic. We suggest that you avail of our free consultation at UNI Accounting services or approach your own CPA, lawyer, estate planner or financial coach to expound further on a topic which may catch your attention.

So have FUN while obtaining some valuable information! We will be launching our Series 1, Episode 1 soon.

For more information please visit our website at www.uniaccountingservice.com

Irene Uy is a senior manager of UNI Accounting services primarily responsible for USA based clients.

About UNI

As one of the leading bookkeeping and accounting services in California, we personalize our expertise to produce accurate and prompt output, with your own team of accountants.

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