The top 3 FAQs of Business Owners regarding Virtual Accounting

Are you a business owner or planning to establish a small business? You probably pondered once to
jump to the accounting online platforms, but is it worthy of your time and resources? There are some
articles online that show evidence that online bookkeeping and accounting can enhance productivity.

Even though there are some professionals who still have some hesitation about how it works. Let’s peek
at some common concerns regarding virtual accounting.

1“What is virtual accounting?”
Accountant and Bookkeeper has always been a high-touch profession. Before, outsourced
accountants would visit the offices of their clients to do their work and some were living locally
hence easily accessible. Even today, most of the business owners feel uncomfortable working
with a virtual accountant that they never meet face to face.
Don’t worry, there are lot of benefits to this type of arrangement. Virtual accounting is a new
trend that allows qualified accountants to offer their services remotely. Being one of the best
virtual accounting services in Los Angeles, California we strive to deliver nothing but the best
services to our valued clients. It’s more efficient to handle the meetings through skype, email
and phone. While you sleep, your dedicated accounting team is out there working on your

2. “I am concerned about the security of my data, is it safe to share my data?”
This dilemma comes less and less, as online banking and e-commerce grow in popularity. Rest
assured that any data you have submitted to us is secure. Your data is monitored and protected

3. “Can I really rely on your team even though they are not in my office? How can I manage them?”
According to a survey done by Global Workplace Analytics and the Telework Research Network,
between 2005 and 2012, telecommuting has grown in popularity by 79.7%. Clearly, a lot of
business owners are starting to understand that employees who work from home get as much
done than in-house employees and so the popularity of online jobs world-wide dramatically
increased. You can manage them by communicating online, through email and skype. We are
working 24/7 to cater to your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

UNI Accounting Services is a reliable virtual accounting and bookkeeping service. We have been
doing this for so long that we have honed our skills to be better serve our clients. Want to learn
more about UNI? Visit our website at now and schedule an appointment for free!

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